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Comic Strip Icons

because even 100 icons isn't enough!

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Welcome to Comic Strip Icons!

I'm minirth and I am a comic strip fanatic. Bloom County, Doonesbury, Two Lumps, The Far Side... comic strips make my life better. I couldn't find a comic strip icon community, despite the fact that "comicstripicons" is exactly 15 letters. I figured that would have been snagged by now, but the LJ gods were with me.

So welcome! Join us and share the strips that make you laugh out loud at work. All entries will be organized in Memories, because I am that anal-retentive.

This is a fairly loose community, at least to start. We're not shiny happy PC people. We are sarcastic and we sometimes use bad language, but we love comic strips and squee like fangirls over great comic strip icons.

general rules
  1. Play nice. If you love something, praise it! If you hate something, ignore it! If someone asks for feedback, be honest but be kind.
  2. If you post a lot of icons, please use an lj-cut tag.
  3. Don't steal icons. Credit the creator in keywords or on your user info page.
  4. Don't steal bandwidth.
  5. Our focus is comic strips and web comics. Foamy is my lord & master, and Twolumps is the best cat comic ever. The occasional cartoon icon doesn't hurt anyone, though.
  6. No anime, please, there are 80 billion communities for that.